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Minimum charge per quilt:  $68 for Standard patterns,  $78 for Premium,  $88 for Deluxe

We stock 172 Omni thread colors, See the full selection here!

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  • Baa Baa Pano Pattern
Standard Priced Pattern, This pattern image is about 12 x 11
Pattern Default Height
Height in Inches 9.5

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Baa Baa Pano Pattern

  • Item No: PAS118
  • $0.00

Enter the size of your quilt

Tags: Animals, Sheep

Only check this box if you are planning to fold the backing fabric over to bind your quilt.

The stitching will not go beyond the edge of your quilt top and will have about a 1" margin within the edges of your quilt top.

This cannot be done with all patterns.

If the pattern you choose does not work with border to border, we will let you know and help you to find a pattern that will work.

If you are planning to add the binding as a separate piece, 

You will want edge to edge stitching to go beyond the edge of your top

Do not check this box if you want edge to edge stitching.

If your quilt top or back has a direction, please check this box and mark the top and/or the backing with a note safety pinned on the directional top and/or back.

If your quilt has a label or something that is designed to be near the edge of the back of the quilt,

please check this box

and be sure that the label is at least 10" from any edge of the quilt back.

We will trim your finished quilt to the edge of the quilt top to be ready for the binding. 

We do not trim off any of the quilt top. 

If your edge is not straight, we do our best to cut to a straight edge, some batting will show.

If you have special designs or embellishments on the top of your quilt that you do not want the stitching to go through, we can mask it so the stitching goes around it.

Choose how many masks you want and please mark them with a note and safety pin, or describe them so we know what you want masked.

If the area is large and the stitching is further than 4" apart, you will need to put a small stitch in the masked area to stabilize the batting when you get your quilt back.

Choose one of the methods in the pull down menu to let us know what color thread you would like.

Click here    If you want to see/pick from the thread colors we have,

You can copy and paste the number and name from our thread page

You can enter a Omni thread color number and name, or let us know more of what you would like for the thread color.

We stock 172 Omni thread colors, 

See the full selection here!   (Opens is a new window)

Once we receive your quilt we will ask you to make an appointment with our online appointment calendar.  You will call us at that time to consult thread colors  and/or patterns at that time.

We will take about a 1 minute video of your quilt stitching and post it

You Tube, Pinterest and on our Facebook page.

If your would like this, check this box.

There is no charge for this service.

Anything you would like to tell us regarding your quilt or thread color goes here.

If there is a color on your quilt you would like the thread to closely match make a note here and mark the fabric on your quilt with a safety pinned note.

You can request the pattern be stitched looser for less density or tighter for more dense stitching,


You can pick an item such as a leaf, star, or etc.. of the pattern, and let us know about how long or wide you would like that item to be.

When requesting a more dense pattern, there may be a 10% - 30% price increase because it will lengthen the stitching time and use more thread.

When requesting smaller please let us know if you want to keep the price or accept additional charges.