Quilting Service Frequently Asked Questions.

What do we do when we receive your quilt?
  • After we receive your quilt and have looked it over, we will update your order status to "Quilt Received" with email notice. If you would like us to consult with you before starting your quilt, please note it in the comments on checkout. We can consult with you regarding any design sizing, thread color, batting or other issues. 
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How long will it take to get my quilt back?

  • At the top of our home page and the pattern category pages is our current estimated turnaround time.
    When you place your order online,  we put your quilt on our schedule, however if we do not receive your quilt top within 10 days from the date of your order, your quilt will be rescheduled when your quilt top is received by us.  The time frame we quote, does not include the time before we receive your quilt top.
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  •  Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton Blend 80/20 batting (80% cotton, 20% polyester), is included in the base price per square inch of the pattern design
    Most quilts use the natural, or bleached white. For quilts with dark fabrics, we offer colorfast dyed black batting as a choice for no additional charge. 

    For an additional charge we also offer

  • Hobbs 100% Cotton batting
  • The cost is based on the size of the quilt and will be shown in the batting choice menu.
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  • We stock 172 thread colors, See the full selection here!  They are not all are listed on the order form online. To choose a color not listed enter the number in the Thread notes box.
  • If you would like us to try to match thread color to a specific fabric color, please pin it with a note, and we will get as close as we can
  • Different monitors and screen settings may show colors differently, so choosing colors online can be difficult.  We do a color check, and if the thread color you chose just does not look right , we will contact you before we start quilting.
  • We use Omni 40 weight ploy-wrapped poly core thread.
  • We can use a different color thread on top and back.  If you choose different colors for top and back, put the colors in the "Thread Color Notes" box on the pattern order page.  There is no extra charge for this, however, you may see small spots of the back thread color in the stitch holes on the front and vise-versa. We recommend colors that are somewhat similar, unless you want an inconsistent variegated thread look.
  • Let us know if you want your thread to blend or contrast with certain fabrics in your quilt top
  • A blended thread choice can become so blended that the quilting is lost in your top, and contrast thread can really compliment the quilt top by adding another color element.
  • If your top has many different colors, consider a neutral color that takes on an almost chameleon color.
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  •  We can use your backing that you send to us with your top, or you can purchase backing from us.

  • Backing needs to be 8" longer and and 8" wider than your quilt top (4" all around).
    Example a 60" x 60" top would have a backing that is 68" x 68".
    We need the additional size on the top and bottom to attach the backing to the quilting machine frame.  The additional width is needed so we can use side clamps to keep the backing taut.  This helps prevent puckers on the back and helps with an overall better quilting job. 

  • Backing should have straight cut edges as best as you can.  (We understand most quilters may not have adequate space to lay out a larger quilt)

  • If seaming your backing, it is best if the seam is horizontal and press the backing seam open

  •  Any piecing of the back should be done in the center or towards the top of the back.

  • If you have borders on the back or something you want centered on the back we will do our best.  As we quilt, the quilt top shrinks a little from the stitching, so it will be close, but we cannot guarantee your backing will be perfectly centered.

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  • There are two ways for us to quilt your quilt depending on how you are planning on binding.
  • If you are using a separate piece of fabric to bind your quilt, we will stitch over the edge of your quilt top. This makes the other way of binding very difficult.
  • If you are using the backing fabric by pulling it around to the front to bind your quilt, we will stitch within the borders of your quilt top, stitching 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches from the edge. Let us know if you want your quilt stitched "border to border"
  • We do not do binding as part of our service.
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Shipping costs

  • The cost of returning your finished quilt to you is included in the price per square inch of the pattern
  • You pay the cost of shipping your quilt top and backing to us
  • The most economical way for you to send your quilt is by using the the US Post Office's Flat Rate packaging. Since they use size based cost rather than weight based and fabric is small in size for the weight these rates are a good value and the box or envelope is free. Small quilts may fit in a Flat Rate legal envelope. Listed in the order of price/size, the other choices are Regional A, Medium Flat Rate then Large Flat Rate. If you are shipping to us from within about 1000 miles from Portland Oregon, a Regional B may be less than the Large Flat Rate
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Is my quilt insured for loss or major damage during shipping and while it is in our shop

  • We include up to $100.00 value for your quilt top and back while it is in our shop and the return shipping to you. 
  • You can purchase additional insurance on the checkout page to cover your quilt top and back up to $399.00.
  • When figuring the value, you do not need to include the cost of batting or our service, only the replacement cost you would expect for your material and work in case of a total loss in shipment or warehouse fire/tornado etc.
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What chemicals, if any, will be used on your quilt

  • For all quilts we use either  a blue water soluble marker or a iron off white marker to mark center on the quilt top and bottom
  • If the quilt does not lie flat, we use "Soak Flatter" spray, applied to the top of the quilt, which slightly shrinks the fabric to reduce ripples. More info about Soak Flatter Spray
  • When a border, an sometimes other parts of the quilt will not lay flat with the flatter spray, we use a made for quilting "505 Spray and Fix" glue spray between the batting and the quilt top More info about 505 Spray
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Why do the Premium and Deluxe patterns cost more?

  •     The premium and deluxe patterns are more dense and intricate, which take more quilting time and thread

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Do you quilt any type of fabrics?

  • There are very few fabrics that we cannot quilt.    

When I get my quilt back with the extra width of backing still be attached?

  • Yes, when we take your quilt off our machine, we only cut off the excess batting,
  • then we fold it up and ship your quilted quilt to you via the US Post Office Priority Mail service

What is the Computerized Machine Quilting process

  • Your quilt is mounted on the machine and the size of your quilt is entered into the computer software. 
  • The pattern you chose is applied to the top corner of your quilt, then duplicated until it has filled your entire quilt.
  • Edge to Edge designs are duplicated overall your entire quilt, side to side, top to bottom with the same design in rows.
  • The sewing goes just a little over the edges of your quilt.

How good is your quilting machine?

  • We have the state of the art, top of the line Innova Mach 3 computerized machine.  
    A better quality machine makes it easier for us to do an excellent job of quilting your quilt

Soak Flatter Spray

This starch free smoothing spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics! a smooth operator that leaves fabric sleek soft and static-free Plus the mild formulation is easy on sensitive skin and will not harm the environment Soak-Soakwash Flatter. This starch free smoothing spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics! A smooth operator that leaves fabric sleek, soft and static-free. Plus, the mild formulation is easy on sensitive skin and will not harm the environment.

505 Spray Adhesive

Temporary, re-positionable, fabric adhesive used to temporarily bond fabric. Odorless, colorless, no mist, does not gum sewing needles. Use for machine applique, quilting, basting, holding fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming. Acid Free – No CFC’s

Your quilt is important to us and we take pride in the quality of our work!
Throughout the process of quilting your quilt top, we do our best to make it a beautiful quilt
that you will be proud to display in your home or give as a gift or family heirloom.