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Northwest Quilting, Fun Fabrics, True Legends Inc

We will do our best to provide GREAT customer service and quality quilting.

Our History

True Legends Inc. is located in Portland Oregon. It is owned and operated by Jim and Sandi Braet.

Fun Fabrics and Northwest Quilting are is a subsidiaries of True Legends.

The business was originally a retail store starting in 1981 under the name Do-Da Gifts selling gifts, balloons, novelties and

legend memorabilia of Betty Boop, Elvis Presley, I love Lucy, Wizard of Oz and others.

During those same years Jim custom designed custom advertising buttons,

The web based mail order business began as part of the store, in March of 1996 with a 5 page web site.

Over the next two years the web site grew and by the end of March 1998, the retail store was closed, and

all of our energy was put into the online business.  The name was changed to True Legends Inc. to better fit the product

Although True Legends was selling fabric for years, in 2003 we officially opened Fun Fabrics specializing in character and theme fabric prints.

It is now 2018 and after over 15 years of working with fabric, we have opened a custom computerized machine quilting business, Northwest Quilting using the top of the line computerized Innova quilting machine.  This business requires extensive knowledge of computer graphics design, color matching, and quilting.

Jim has been doing graphic design and working with colors for products since the 1970's. He started using computer programs for graphic design starting back when the first mac program curved text in the 1980's.  He has designed hundred of graphics for advertising, both print and electronic. He developed the creative art and design for multiple web sites. 

Sandi has been quilting for over 12 years and made many quilts.

Both Jim and Sandi have professional training on long arm quilting to produce quality quilting on a  machine quilting.

With Jim's computer and art experience and Sandi's quilting experience we make a perfect team to do a great quilting job for you!

In all our years in business, we know that to be successful we have to do our best to achieve excellent  customer service and satisfaction.


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