Prepare Your Quilt Info


  • Press all seams accordingly as you are piecing. 

  • If they do not lay flat this will cause folds and bunching on the top of your quilt. Puckers, tucks, and fullness cannot be quilted out.   

  • Make sure all seams are secure.   

  • Clip all loose/long thread tails on the front and back of top.  Dark threads may shadow under lighter fabrics.  We will try to clip the ones you miss.

  • Twisted seams cause bulk which may cause a bump in your quilt.

  • Avoid twisted seams by pressing to one side and alternating the direction with each row.  

  • If you have borders, try to make them lie flat. Wavy borders could result in small puckers or tucks. 

  • Remove all pins.

  • If quilt top is directional, please mark the top with a safety pin.

  • Because the batting is not pre-washed, so we recommend that you do not pre-wash your fabrics. If you do, remember to pre-wash your backing also.

  • Your quilt should be as square as possible.

  • We will center and square the top to the machine and backing fabric as best as possible.

  • We take every effort to keep your top straight by following  the lines of your quilt top.


  • Backing needs to be 6" to 8" longer in length and width than the quilt top (3" to 4" all around).
    Example a 60" x 60" top would have a backing that is 68" x 68".
    The additional backing is needed to fasten the backing on the long arm frame.  

  • If seaming your backing, sometimes it helps stay stronger if you shorten your stitch length and use a 1" seam width, and press the backing seam open OR to one side.

  •  Any piecing of the back should be done in the center or towards the top of the back.

  • We will do the best we can, but because as we quilt, the material shrinks a little, so we cannot guarantee your backing will be perfectly centered.

  • If you have borders on the back, they probably will not line up properly.  We will do our best, but no guarantee.


  • Please wait to put embellishments like beads or buttons on until after the quilting is complete.
    If your top or back does have any embellishments we can "mask" them( quilt around) , each mask is $ 7 extra.

Send Your Quilt top and backing to us.

        Once you place your order, mail your top and backing to:

NW Quilting
6202 SE 145th Ave.
Portland, OR 97236

The most economical way for you to send your quilt is by using the the US Post Office's Flat Rate packaging. Since they use size based cost rather than weight based and fabric is small in size for the weight these rates are a good value and the box or envelope is free. Small quilts may fit in a Flat Rate legal envelope. Listed in the order of price/size, the other choices are Regional A, Medium Flat Rate then Large Flat Rate. If you are shipping to us from within about 1000 miles from Portland Oregon, a Regional B may be less than the Large Flat Rate.

If you are in the Portland Oregon area, you can drop your quilt off at our warehouse.  We are available most days and evenings, including weekends! Please let us know what time works best for you.