How To Order

Select a pattern
  • Begin by selecting a pattern you may want on your quilt. Click "Get Price" to go to the Pattern Page to enter the size of your quilt. You can find a pattern by looking through our pattern categories or using by using the search tool at the top of the page. We have 3 price points on our patterns, Standard(least expensive), Premium (more expensive) and Deluxe (most expensive). The more dense or jagged the stitching is, the more expensive the quilting will be.
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Pattern Page

  • Once you are at the pattern page of your choice pattern, you first need to enter the width and length of your quilt top. The web site will compute the cost for quilting and display your price.
    On the batting pull down menu choose the batting you would like, if the batting has an additional cost it will show in the menu. Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton Blend 80/20 batting (80% cotton, 20% polyester), is included in the base price per square inch of the pattern design
    Most quilts use the natural, or bleached white. For quilts with dark fabrics, and no light colored fabric, we offer colorfast dyed black batting as a choice for no additional charge.
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Border to Border and Trimming

  • If you are planning to fold the backing over to use for your binding select 'Border to Border'. We will keep the stitching within the edges of your quilt top and try to center your top to leave 3" of backing on all 4 sides. Most patterns will work with border to border, but if you pick a pattern that does not, we will suggest a like replacement

  • Trimming Option - For an additional charge we will trim your quilt to the edge of the quilt top so it will be ready for binding. We do our best to square up your quilt without cutting any of your top at the same time try to leave more than 3/8" of exposed batting.  All trimmed pieces larger than 2.5" wide will be returned to you.
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Pattern Size Preference

In the option box the says 'Pattern Size Preference' you can request the pattern be stitched looser for less density or tighter for more dense stitching. You can also pick an item such as a leaf, star, or etc.. of the pattern, and let us know about how long or wide you would like that item to be. When requesting a more dense pattern, there may be a 10% - 20% price increase because it will lengthen the stitching time.

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Thread Color

  • In the option box the says 'Thread Color Request' you can enter a Omni thread color number and name, or let us know more of what you would like for the thread color.
  • We stock 172 Omni thread colors, See the full selection here!
  • Different monitors and screen settings may show colors differently, so choosing colors online can be difficult.  We do a color check, and if the thread color you chose just does not look right , we will contact you before we start quilting.

  • If you would like us to try to match thread color to a specific fabric color of your quilt, note that in the 'Thread Color Request' box and pin a note on the color on your quilt top when you send it in, and we will get as close as we can
  • Checking the boxes in the 'Thread Color Strength', 'Thread Color Depth' and 'Thread Color is approximate' will help us understand what you want in thread color
  • A blended thread choice can become so blended that the quilting is lost in your top, and contrast thread will make the stitching stand out.

Add to Cart

  • Once you have chosen your options, click on "Add to Cart"
    At the top of the page is a link to the shopping cart, it should show your quilt is in the cart. Click on that link to continue to check out. You can also pick another(or same) pattern and add another quilt, or shop our quilt backs to add a quilt back

Ordering Quilt Backs

  • We carry a large variety of 108" wide quilt back fabric.See the full selection here! By clicking "Get Price" of the fabric you would like for your quilt, the system will take you to the fabric page where you can enter the size of your quilt top. Then simply click 'Add to Cart'. Our web site wizard will add the additional 8" needed in the width for the backing. Note: The quantity box will show one, you are purchasing one piece of fabric that will be the width of your quilt top plus 8".