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To place your order for our quilting service online:

  • Pick the pattern you want from the category listings of our patterns then "Add to Cart".
  • On the pattern page, enter the size of your quilt.
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  • Send or bring your quilt and backing to Northwest Quilting.
  • We will professionally long arm quilt your quilt with your choice of pattern, thread color, and batting.
  • Next, we will ship it back to your door!
  • *Shipping to addresses in the United States only, $100 loss or damage insurance included, small charge for additional insurance. Does not include binding.


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What is Edge to Edge Quilting

The chosen stitching pattern is repeated

with the pattern stitched past the edge of the quilt top on all sides.

What is Long Arm Quilting

After you piece together your quilt top,

the next step is to create a "sandwich".

The "sandwich" is made up of three pieces:

Your completed quilt top, your backing for the quilt, and the batting (center insulation)

To keep the batting in place and kept from bunching when the quilt is used and washed,

the "sandwich" needs to be have stitching throughout the quilt.

The stitching needs to be 4 to 6 inches apart or closer.

While this is very difficult to do on a regular sized sewing machine,

it can easily be stitched on a long arm quilting machine.

Our quilting machines have a frame that is 12 feet long and 6 feet wide.

The sewing machine head has a 26 inch throat,  which rides on rails of the frame

so the sew head "floats" above the quilt sandwich.

The process begins with attaching the top of the quilt back

to a canvas leader on the 12 foot long take-up roller bar of the machine.

The bottom of the quilt backing is attached to a leader canvas

on another roller bar about 30 inches away at the front of the frame and the

excess backing is then rolled up on that roller

until the backing is slightly stretched between the two rollers.

The next step is to place the batting and quilt top on top of the backing

and the excess is rolled on a bar on the front of the table.

This set-up gives about a 24" sewing area (by the width of the quilt) between the two rollers.

This area is sewn, the finished part is rolled up onto the take-up roller, and the next 24" is sewn.

The process is repeated until the quilt is completed.

The picture does not show the backing or batting.

The sewing can be done manually by using the handles on the sew head and

moving it around sewing where ever it is moved.

The machine we have is computer controlled and it will automatically sew the pattern you choose.

When the first quilting machine was made in 1871, the job of quilting was done manually by

moving the sew head to draw the stitching pattern.

In more recent years, the computerized machines were developed, making a more automated process

of quilt finishing and giving the you the ability choose over 1000 of patterns for your quilt.

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